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Jackson’s Update: 1 Month

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Jackson is ONE MONTH OLD! Where did the time go? I can’t believe its been a whole month. I can’t say we are all adjusted just yet, but we are getting there.

New Things/Milestones: He’s smiling officially. That was such a sweet moment because I was having a really crappy day and then he smiled at me. And he continues to! He notices us now, which is nice. The new newborn stage is frustrating because they are just these little blobs that don’t respond to anything. (I think that’s probably how post partum depression starts) They can’t/don’t show much (if any) emotion. But when they finally smile…. it’s a wonderful milestone!

Daily Schedule: I feel like finally writing his schedule down is going to jinx it and he’ll be completely thrown off by tomorrow, but here goes. He wakes up with all of us at around 6:30am. I am sure he would sleep longer if he could but after the sound machine gets turned off, we’re all up. We come down stairs after morning diaper changes and he is normally back asleep in the swing while Juliette and I eat breakfast. Then throughout the day its a lot of wake, eat, sleep. After Juliette wakes up for his nap is about the time we get more alert time out of him. After this time too, he normally won’t go back in his swing at all, until the next morning. John gets home and we have lots of cuddles and smiles and he’ll be ready to go to sleep again around 7:00pm. We swaddle him and bounce him in the bouncer until we are ready to sleep.

Sleep: I am still sleep deprived! He doesn’t have a great night time sleeping schedule yet. I am noticing that after his first feeding in our room with the sound machine on he will sleep a good 3-5 hour stretch. After that next feeding, sometimes he will sleep another similar stretch, OR he will wake every 2 hours after that. He won’t sleep in bed with me, or rather I don’t really encourage him to right now because he seems too uncomfortable on his back. When he’s lying flat, he’s squirming and grunting every 5 minutes and neither of us is getting any restful sleep. (I am suspecting a small amount of reflux) So, I am sure to place him back in the rock ‘n play, sometimes swaddled, sometimes not. But he normally only gets two good stretches and then he’s awake every 1.5-2 hours.

Feedings: He’s nearly 11 lbs. I weighed him abouta  week ago and he was 10 lbs 8 oz, so I can only imagine he has gained 8 oz or more in a week! Feeding is still beyond frustrating for me because I really wanted to continue pumping but after that one good ounce, I couldn’t get anything else. We still are receiving donor milk weekly, but he is eating a sensitive formula (for his terrible gas and how hard formula is for him to digest) other than that. Up until yesterday he was eating about 3 oz every 2 hours. But, yesterday he started getting hungry again after an hour and 20 minutes. A couple of times I gave him 4 oz and he would go the whole 2 hours, but if I would give him 4 oz the next feeding he would only eat three. (I forgot how much formula gets wasted in these first couple of months). Newborn cloth is going better than expected. He’s getting close to outgrowing it, so I ordered some more diapers last week (best bottom covers, Bumgenius Freetimes, and a Blueberry pocket diaper)

Likes/Dislikes: This is fairly simple because there isn’t really much for him to like or dislike. He likes being swaddled and bounced. He likes being cuddled. He likes formula and sleep. He likes sitting up and seeing the world, as opposed to laying and looking up at fans and stuff. He doesn’t really like the swing, except for his one time in there in the mornings. He doesn’t like the pacifier, although he will occasionally take it to help soothe himself to sleep. (I’m pretty sure if he was exclusively breastfed he wouldn’t take a pacifier at all) As soon as he is asleep, that thing is out of his mouth and he won’t take it. He actually squeezes his lips so we can’t get it in his mouth.

Characteristics: His eyes are getting bluer, but I’m still apprehensive to say they will be blue. His hair is light/blondish in some light and dark in others. This is all probably going to change here in the next few months. The blood vessel that broke in his eye during birth is finally healed within the past couple days.

We are still adjusting to him, but every day is getting easier! 🙂

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