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Living with Newborns and Toddlers


Watching siblings interact, becoming siblings, is probably the most entertaining yet stressful thing I have ever watched. Juliette is so interested in Jackson, but sometimes too interested. She will give him his pacifier, or put a blanket on him if he cries and we aren’t near him. She will try to feed him with any bottles she finds (no matter how old). But she also will steal his pacifier, and go from gently patting his head to smacking his face in a second. That’s why it’s stressful to watch them interact. I want to sit back as much as I can and let her experience him however she chooses. However, those interactions turn sour quick! She’s a handful.

Adjusting for me has been difficult in some aspects, but it’s more exhausting than anything. Jackson still doesn’t have a great sleeping rhythm. I think I should move him out of my bed if I really want any sleep. So every morning I wake up with a broken 4-5 hours of sleep and I have to deal with a fully rested toddler who is ready to tackle the day and finally accomplish pushing that lamp off the table. (we have completely toddler proofed the living room, with the exception of this one lamp, because we need light to see, and every second she’s not being watched she’s climbing the couch trying to push this lamp off the end table) I still need ideas to keep her busy, because sometimes I really feel like I’m loosing it.

There are aspects to the whole two kid thing that I thought would be a lot more difficult than they are. One being nap time, but we have yet to have any issues. Normally Jackson is already asleep in his swing by the time Juliette and I are finishing lunch and getting ready to take a nap, so normally I just bring him up with us and he stays asleep until he’s ready to eat again (which always happens right when I’m getting comfortable in bed after Juliette has been put down). I thought having two in diapers was going to be a lot harder too. Luckily we have the cloth diapers, but using disposables at night is going to start costing us some money. But both these kids pee so much there is no cloth solution for us that I feel comfortable with. (I mean, I’m sure there’s solutions to keep their sheets dry, but they are still sleeping with all that wetness in their diapers overnight) Going up and down stairs ALL day, sucks. Especially because I have to bring Juliette with me every time I change Jackson because she cannot be trusted alone. But it isn’t as difficult as I thought.

I am however lacking in the homemaker department. My house is a wreck…. but there’s nothing I can really do about it. The newborn stage of exhaustion is so short I can handle sticky floors and dirty laundry for a little while. I’m not about to exhaust myself to keep this house as clean as it was when no one comes over here anyway. But trust me the list of deep cleaning I want to get done is getting longer and longer…. Here’s an example of what our life is REALLY like daily. ImageImageImage

How in the world do I have time to blog if I dont have time to clean… Well, cleaning does happen, but much like everything in life with a toddler, it gets dirty immediately after. So, even though I may have mopped the kitchen after breakfast, by lunch it’s sticky and gross again. But hey, embrace the madness. Juliette will reach the age soon where she can understand putting her toys away, and I will miss the times when she was a little toddler and used to pour out the blocks all over the floor right after I picked them up because she wanted to put the container on her head. Oh well. Life goes on.

I made myself a promise to enjoy every moment of Jacksons babyhood because it goes away so fast. I mean it feels like just yesterday I was spending the day with Juliette thinking about how hard having a kid was (hah!) and then poof! she wasn’t a baby anymore. So, I’m not going to clean if Jackson’s awake and I want to hold him and talk to him. And I’m not going to do laundry if it means I can’t play with Juliette. At least, not for now.

Speaking of which, I need to go clean a kid now.
xo, Rhea.


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2 thoughts on “Living with Newborns and Toddlers

  1. Sounds like my life right now too! I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old. How old are yours?


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