I Love You, Momma.

Postive Affirmations for Momma

Meet My Son!

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Yes!! My son is here! Jackson was born on May the Fourth (oh yeah!) at 4:26 pm in the doorway to my daughters room. He weighed 8 lbs 13.5 oz, was 21 3/4 inches long and is the most precious little guy I have ever held! Labor was fast but FURIOUS, many times I was sure I was dying (and surely expressed it) but I just can’t believe I did it. His shoulders were stuck on my hips which made labor particularly difficult and I felt like he was never going to come out but obviously he did. I will post the whole story later but I’m just so happy to be done with this pregnancy and the birth! These past two days have been so wonderful to snuggle and be with my family. Recovery has been a breeze, breastfeeding is starting off well. He’s been a little gassy and uncomfortable but I have been giving him lots of massages to help.

Feeling so freaking mighty!!
Xo, Rhea


Author: iloveyoumomma

Momma of 2. Food, Babies, Beauty. I just want us all to be at peace.

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