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Stomach bug from hell!

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Sunday night/Monday morning I was rolling around bed with some extreme back pain. I used to flipping constantly at night because my hips are dead asleep but I was literally moving every 5 minutes. No position was comfortable. By 5am on Monday I was so uncomfortable I had to get up to shower to relieve the tension in my body (a really hot shower is my go-to relaxation method). By 6am I was having contractions. John woke up, so did Juliette and he got ready for work. I was so uncomfortable by the time he was leaving I was in tears. Every 5-7 minutes I was having contractions and I was scared to be alone with Juliette without him. He assured me he would be home as soon as I needed him if anything progressed. An hour goes by and in having contractions every 4 1/2 minutes. He was home as soon as I sent him the texts that things were looking pretty serious.
So, I started cleaning up some things, contractions were getting pretty strong but manageable. I text my midwife to let her know how I was feeling and told her I would update her on changes. Once john got home he was in overdrive cleaning the house. Upstairs, downstairs, we were getting ready. At this point I had yet to eat anything more than a bite of a banana I was sharing with Juliette. As the pain started to increase I was feeling more and more nauseous. I thought because the pain was getting so bad, it was making me feel ill. But little did I know. The day started to go on and I was laboring a majority of the time on the full bed in Juliette’s room, sleeping between contractions and moaning my way through the pain. By noon when Juliette was down for a nap I was up and walking around trying to keep the progress going (part of my fear of Juliette’s labor repeating itself) I was noticing the contractions were falling out of the rhythm they had been in for so long. I still was incredibly nauseous, beyond anything I have ever felt. I couldn’t eat anything or drink anything without wanting to vomit. So I had no food or water in my system at this point and needless to say was very dehydrated.
By 3:30 I had spoken to my midwifed assistant and she suggested that maybe I had a stomach bug and this wasn’t labor? I was for sure I was in labor, I mean these were real, call out in pain, breathe and focus contractions! I didn’t just have a stomach bug? But shortly after speaking to her my contractions stopped for about 2 hours and I took a good long nap on the couch while john and Juliette played.
Around 7pm contractions started to pick up again and my midwife offered to come over and get an exam of what was going on with my body/vitals and Little mans heart rate. The contractions were intense and weird<! I would have this immense pain all in my stomach and back that would last for 3-4 minutes at a time. Seemingly, I was having one contraction on top of each other and then would get a nice break in between these stretches for about 5 minutes. I had never heard of contractions happening like this? All the tests and checks they did were good. My midwife left some peppermint oil for the nausea and a Benadryl to help me sleep through contractions.
Immediately after she left we were off to bed. I was discouraged that this labor was starting not to seem like labor and that I had no baby on my arms! All this hard work and pain for nothing! But I took the Benadryl and passed out but was waking up during contractions to moan them out and falling asleep as soon as they were over.
I woke up in the morning and felt well enough to try to eat (it had been 24 hours) but as soon as I put something in my mouth, I felt all those same feelings from the day before and was not ready to eat anything else.
At this point I noticed that I hadn’t felt little guy move yet that morning. I drank some cold juice, per midwife’s instructions, and waited and hour but felt nothing. We went into her office about noon to so an NST and he passed, thankfully! At this point we all kind of deduced I had come down with a really terrible, untimely stomach bug. Because it was forcing me not to eat or drink, the dehydration and starvation was causing very painful contractions we were mistaking was labor. Uh, yeah… That’s embarrassing. But whatever the case I feel a lot more encouraged. At least, I still have a chance of having a less than 12 hour labor! (Just my hope anyway) and it was great preparation to remind me just how it’s gonna be! I had forgotten how painful contractions really are. I should have gotten more Benadryl to help me sleep tonight. I have been resting all day because when I move around too much I feel all sorts of awful. Hopefully I get some sleep. I feel worn out.

My body feels like a really old truck on its last 50k miles.
Xo, Rhea


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