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Early Easter and more Labor Pains

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Juliette’s second Easter, but I really don’t think last years counted because she was only about 2 months old and we stayed home. We got to spend some time with my parents, Juliette ran around outside and picked up eggs. Surprisingly she got the hang of it perfectly. It probably was like a giant game of clean up, which I have been doing at home with her for a while. I really appreciate my mom making the holidays special for her because we are so distracted with being pregnant. I feel guilty that some of those things fall to the waste side, but in my mind I know she doesn’t understand and won’t remember necessarily. They got her some more baby dolls (a brother doll). I know she enjoyed it and was worn out because she passed out on the drive home and was way over stimulated by the time we wanted to go to sleep. It took John a good hour, maybe an hour and a half, to get her to sleep. And she woke up in the middle of the night twice.
As far as labor pains and whatnot, it’s all the same old crap. I was having lots of cramping in my back and lower stomach, very uncomfortable and tired (because I was awake all night with contractions and Johns snoring). By the time we were driving home, I was just beyond comfortable, lots of pain and contractions. This little guy was twisting and turning and I joked to Johnathan that I thought he was trying to break his water bag open. I was miserable! We were home around 730 and I was having regular contractions every 20 minutes until about midnight when I passed out from exhaustion. John and I were getting excited because it was the first time my contractions were so predictable. But, just like my last labor, I woke up and contractions were minimal.
The funny thing is this is almost exactly like Juliette’s labor! At 36 weeks (both times) I started going through all the regular pains and getting ready and excited, and then she wasn’t born until 42 weeks. I hope to God I don’t have to wait that long again. Oh dear God please!! I’m so over this.

Anyway, happy Easter! Happy day of second chances, grace, and forgiveness. I’m always thankful for what this holiday reminds me of, forgiveness.
Xo, Rhea


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Momma of 2. Food, Babies, Beauty. I just want us all to be at peace.

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