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Juliette woke up at 8am this morning. Which was uncommon being as she fell asleep an hour early the night before. I woke up before her, which IS common, but while I was laying there I was thinking Today would be a good day to have a baby. We went down stairs, ate some fruit and milk for breakfast and relaxed on the couch. We were catching up on some YouTube vlogs, which we do most mornings. Around 10am I started experiencing some dull back aches, and some cramping in my stomach. I have been having contractions for the past couple weeks, but these were the different kind of contractions. They felt like the real ones. After about 45 minutes of the pain being on and off I went upstairs to go shower and see if that would help. I lost a large chunk of mucous (gross), which could or could not have been my mucous plug. In the shower the pains kept coming, so I started to really think this could be the day to have a baby. I was going over the checklist we learned in our Bradley Method class before Juliette was born: eat, drink, shower, sleep, walk. I had already drank a ton of water, now I had showered. I took Juliette downstairs and we ate some lunch. Eat – check! And after we went upstairs again to nap. I was trying to relax and get some sleep in, but contractions kept coming making it hard to relax. I was texting John the entire time, letting him know what was happening and he started to think it was sounding pretty serious. Eventually I fell asleep for about 30 minutes and Juliette woke up. We went downstairs to relax some more and the contractions seemed to dissipate. John came home (with ice! my cravvvvvving!) and it all seemed to calm down. I went to the grocery store for potatoes so I could make some curry and rice. It’s about 8 pm right now, and I still feel achy in my back, but it’s probably not full labor, yet.

At our appointment Friday I was dilated to 3cm, and that’s a great feeling, being I wasn’t dilated at all with Juliette until actually being in active labor. So in my head I’m almost a 1/3 of the way there. I’ve already made progress and I think the pains I was having today was probably just more dilation. But how can I know, right?

I’m going to drink some Raspberry Leaf Tea tonight. I know my body is super responsive to it, so maybe that will help with more dilation. I’d like to be done. I’d like to just have a baby tonight, but whatever. We will see.

Oh, also… I have eaten half a tray of brownies today. Bad momma!
xo, Rhea


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Momma of 2. Food, Babies, Beauty. I just want us all to be at peace.

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