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I just want to start this post saying, I AM happy. I really love my life, I love where we live, I love the way things are going I just have some things that are annoyingly making it hard for me to be happy.

I’m annoyed by credit and our credit situation. I was sitting here looking at our budget and $200 a month goes to credit bills. $200 A MONTH! It almost makes me sick thinking about all the saving we COULD be doing. And I know it’s my fault. We got into this hole a year ago when we moved into our first apartment and had to get all the apartment-y things…. like a bed. We got furniture, more debt. I opened another credit card, more debt. I just know this is all my fault, so I’m dead set on changing this. I feel inspired to settle in our little home right now, and I can’t because this old life we walked away from is still requiring payments. So, like I said I am so inspired to change this situation and get our finances in order and get out of this hole! I have NO idea how long it would take to do that, but I want to have 2 of our 4 credit accounts paid off by the end of the year. That’s my goal. 

Our little home is so…. homey. I really love it. I feel inspired when I look around at this place, but still limited. Our landlord said the owner is open to paint colors and improvements on the home, (Thank God!) but I don’t know how much is too much (like a mosaic backsplash in the kitchen) and how much I really want to invest into a rental (I’m dying for a garden!) So it’s frustrating. I’ve started by buying rugs and pillows. When I see how much that adds to the place I will think about the next step. I want to paint… something, but I don’t know what or where. The downstairs bathroom is bright avocado green, and the stairs are striped with 5 inch thick vertical brown stripes. I can dig the green, but those brown stripes kill me. And painting them literally will be impossible. So, I don’t know what to do with that yet. My first project will definitely be Juliette’s room. I want her to be able to sleep in there (We tried once already and I’m probably the only one in the equation that couldn’t handle it so shes back in our room.) I want her to have a space!

I had a dream we bought this place. And I could totally see us living here. The only downfall is that we are one bedroom too short. This is a 1,300 sq ft town home in Mountains Edge. 2 Beds, 2 1/2 baths, and a 1 car garage. Plus a backyard that is just completely rock and has so much screaming potential it hurts my ears! We would really need an extra room though. John needs an office space area because he wants to start school, and I just need a corner to have a small table and my sewing machine. And I really think our little guy and Juliette could share a room for a while. I shared one with my brother until I was 11, by choice! So as much as I want to make this space a home, I might stick with paint and textiles for now.

I have an idea to make a makeshift patio with pavers in our back yard, at least enough so Juliette and I can sit outdoors without having to walk to the park. Fresh air is good for both of us. I just am determined to get these pavers for free. I have to!


Just wanted to rant about life for a bit.
xo, Rhea


Author: iloveyoumomma

Momma of 2. Food, Babies, Beauty. I just want us all to be at peace.

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