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Dream Job?

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I never really understand the question: What’s your dream job? There are so many sides to this question. My dream job is to never have to have a job. But for the sake of not getting to analytical, I can answer this too ways.

Dream #1. On of my dream jobs would be to work on movie sets as a part of the hair and makeup department. Working for a couples months straight and then getting a couple months off (essentially getting a gig on a TV show is most ideal, stability in rebooking) and somewhere on the side teaching classes about hair and makeup and giving freelancing advice to up-and-comers.

Dream Job #2 and the one I’m really banking on: being a mom full time who can make a really amazing childhood for my kids. And in this mommy job I’m really hoping this blog takes off and I can inspire other mommas with affirmations and support. I know that motherhood can get lonely and can make you feel like you don’t do anything well enough. I just want to support people and help them feel like they can do whatever it is they want to do. Basically the point, I want to be the mom I know I am in my head so that I can inspire other moms to be the mom that lives in theirs.

I feel like this is getting rambly because I’m slightly distracted doing leg lifts with a 22 lb toddler on my legs and Johnathan is watching a WWE hall of fame induction ceremony, but… I’m just glad to get another post up! Phew!

And we just keep going!
Xo, Rhea


Author: iloveyoumomma

Momma of 2. Food, Babies, Beauty. I just want us all to be at peace.

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